First of… Who are we?

Hi my name is Kevin. And i’ll be writing this newsletter with Aurelie.

I'm the co-founder (A Website Brokerage Platform dedicated to sourcing, auditing and listing the best EU websites) and (focusing on digital assets for sale on the UE market priced … below 50K euros!).

But I also love newsletters...

So, my team and I decided to buy early 2022.


Because Duuce is basically… the very first marketplace for buying and selling newsletters!

And even though that type of asset is still a growing one, with a lot of education to be done, at Duuce we strongly believe in the power of newsletters, both big and small, public and premium.

Newsletters ARE the next big thing! (with Podcasts)

I’m not the one stating it. Check out what Reuters has to say about Newsletters and Podcasts in their latest journalism, media, and technology trends and predictions 2023.

First is that….

Then there’s also this…

And … basically, Newsletters are among the top assets a LOT of people are going to invest in…

So, are you going to miss the Newsletter train?

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